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Flooring industry sales

<p>ales decline this year, at least 20% 9 to 10 months of the season is still very poor decoration, may be down 30%. Flooring industry sales decline in the domestic market, the international market share is also shrinking, due to a series of international factors to make the floor in the international market difficult. This year can be described as the winter of the flooring industry, in this difficult time, companies are still playing spirit, preparing for the season of the promotional war promotions, do the final sprint this year, regardless of how this year's performance can stand the test, to survive the winter , Will inevitably usher in the spring of the day.
Flooring consumption is rational, so consumers will be concerned about all aspects of the brand, especially for the details of the service, such as pre-sale consulting, sales promotion, installation, after-sales service, customers will explore. Anxin floor, head of marketing center back t</p>
<p>o Miss Xiao Wei, the floor brand competition inevitably turned to pre-sale, sales and after-sales service, and began to move towards the brand. Survey shows that the current situation of the property market has been compared to the qualitative change in 2008, the first-tier cities in urban scarcity of supply, suburban supply concentration, which makes the price adjustment will gradually appear urban fine-tuning, suburban deep down different phenomenon. According to the industry analysts believe that this round of regulation if it can continue until next year, then the expected inflection point is likely to occur in March next year or so. In the protection of a large number of construction supply on the basis of the property market is expected to turn point will gradually clear. In this situation, the real estate industry, how to deal with the downstream business? Facing the complex market environment, the floor indus</p>
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