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Flooring industry activist

Sponsored by the China Forestry Industry Association Flooring Committee, composite deck wood for sale philippines Golden Eagle Iger floor Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. hosted "flooring industry since the country's first patent activism" in Kerry held a press conference. President of the Forest Products Industry Association, Zhang forest at the press conference said that this is the flooring industry, and even the first official maintenance of intellectual property rights activities organized by the Association of Forest Industries, very exemplary. Flooring industry starting from activism began in August 2004, Golden Eagle Iger specifically for the Beijing 2008 design floor color "Design School" series was fake, counterfeit products have appeared in the Northeast, North China and South China markets. September 6, 2004, "the National Office of Intellectual Property Protection of special rectification activities," so that the floor has been greatly encouraged by industry and business, Golden Eagle Iger Group decided to launch the industry's first since activism under the leadership of industry associations. Administrations certainly industry practices SIPO coordinated management Secretary Ma Ye pointed out that intellectual property protection is one of the priorities of intellectual property rights, the flooring industry to take the industry to promote corporate-sponsored rights is an "event" of the initiative for building materials, decoration and various industries have a strong reference. Ma Ye also called on various industry associations to intensify its efforts to combat counterfeiting, "formal, plagued by fake companies have this intention, best wood plastic composite product manufacturers such a thing against counterfeiting rights of individual companies is difficult to accomplish, you need to actively promote the industry organizations and associations . "president forest Products Association, Zhang forest advises that the current domestic flooring market is still a market disruption, layers of counterfeit and other issues, which greatly hampered China from a floor production floor power to power the process of transition. Learn from foreign companies' rights case, "" China's flooring industry standardization While still years away, best flooring for boats but efficient rights have to work much better in Europe. "Ms. Sabine from Germany, general manager of Interprint's China such laments . According to Sabine introduction, in that the "rights of the first case" situation, the company and three other European flooring layer alliances with companies to find the Golden Eagle Iger activist vanguard company, it can actually completion of such a large scale event was "learn" within two months. Floor new standard for the industry next year the introduction of "color rights", deputy director of the National Inspection Center based panels, Secretary-General of China Forest Industry Association Flooring Committee Lu Bin revealed that the forthcoming new national standard floor has been determined to add a "color fastness degree "requirement. " 'Color' is the color of the floor surface, 'fastness' crack resistant hollow park wpc decking means durability, that is, the color does not fade fade." Linda Lun, general manager of Golden Eagle Iger great value "color fastness" officially included in the national standards, he said, the floor this industry has no standards, many small workshop floor created a "qualified but will fade ugly," the floor, there is no "color fastness" standard, Forum Index -> Other Warcraft 3 game chat
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