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Floor paint how much money a square?

There are different types of floor paint, the price difference is relatively large. It can be divided into: ordinary oil paint, water-based floor paint, floor oil. Water-based floor paint good quality, safety and environmental protection, but the price is two or three times the oil-based floor paint; floor oil is transparent, the price of oil-based floor paint is not good,Wpc Decking With Long Warranty Supplier Choose this paint depends on personal preferences, environmental performance, this price is about 20-30 million. Prices vary slightly across the price level.

How to buy floor paint?

look at the packaging is not sealed, can not have any leakage.Easy Installation Wpc Fence If the outside is a metal packaging, can not appear any dirt, such as the emergence of its use on behalf of the time is too long or bad, there is the production date of inspection.

look at the weight of different floor paint packaging specifications vary,Wood Plastic Flooring the weight is also different, consumers can easily use the method of knowing the pros and cons of each tank out to shake, if the shake up "rushing" Sound, that the component is insufficient or volatile. Forum Index -> Other Warcraft 3 game chat
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