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floor of the ove

<p>y people I have. Dealers realized that the Shanghai flooring industry with China's manufacturing industry more or less, is still not completely out of winter. Shanghai, the local flooring companies pay more attention through training talent, strengthen scientific and technological innovation and other fine strategy leading the national flooring market, in order to break the resources, labor constraints. According to media reports, just arrived in 2011, Shanghai part of the large building materials market floor prices have shown an upward trend, price increases of 5% 10%. Insiders believe that the floor price increases due to rigid demand for consumers has little effect; In addition, the floor with the building materials to the countryside undoubtedly pull the rural consumer market, the same look forward to high-quality low-cost patronize the farmers. According to the current reality, farmers need to re-lay the floor of the new house, probably to accept the price of the floor, flooring businesses are able to launch a genuine patronage of the farmers the quality of the United States and the price of the floor, which are to be further observed.2011 is the floor of the ove</p>
<p>rall competition, Glulam quickly to seize the market for one year. Part of the small businesses unbearable brutal competition has been out of the flooring industry, there are many companies are still striding into the flooring industry. Therefore, the flooring industry competition and integration has arrived. How to survive in the doldrums but fierce competition, which is the wood flooring companies need to think about the problem, the Chinese flooring companies should be how to deal with it? 1. Enterprises from a single category of wooden flooring to expand to multi-category wood floor production and sales Nature, life, home, Filinger, Kenya, or up to integration, Xu, the new oasis, Acer, parrots, days grid, Wealthy, the world's second-tier brands such as solid wood flooring or simple Purely strengthen the production and sale of wood flooring gradually extended to the wood composite, laminate flooring and even bamboo flooring, cork and other flooring pro</p>
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