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Floor of not all wood can be renovated use

<p>Aggrandizement floor serves as the masses anthology, quality and environmental protection sex are crucial. But because floor brand is numerous, knowledge is differentiated related consumer lack,wood plastic composite india a lot of problem floors brought many troubles to owner. At this point, small make up warn customer, aggrandizement floor examines 4 times common the project cannot omit: Formaldehyde releases degree of wear-resisting of quantity, surface, bibulous ply to expand the geometrical dimension of rate and floor. </p>

<p>1, formaldehyde releases a quantity to determine: Choose the big mouth bottle with sealed good performance, curium a few equipment that cut same size choose the model of the brand, put into different bottle, sealed after 24 hours,plastic pvc plant box in UAE open bottle, one by one is heard, you can go out quite, the floor formaldehyde of which brand releases a quantity small. If be afraid of not accurate, can two people, hear early or late, hold quite. </p>

<p>2, exterior wear-resisting degree: With 180 sand paper (sand paper degree of finish, the question is not big) , same individual, with similar effort and method, grind back and forth continuously of the floor same a place, 50. Without 3 oxidation the floor of 2 aluminium, paper of probable wood grain will be serious damaged. The floor of paper of 46 grams wear-resisting,best vinyl privacy fence panel ireland the surface won't have the wear-resisting paper that serious nick;38 is overcome or lower gram counts basically, the surface meets those who have different rate wear away. </p>

<p>3, bibulous ply expands rate: Curium cut the equipment with similar volume to choose model, after number, put into boiled water, 5-8 minute. Take those who compare their margin to expand degree. First-rate job uses micrometer first, measure the thickness measuring a place of example, make number. After immersing through boiled water,composite hollow timber floor supplier take measure its thickness again, can calculate after giving boiled water to immerse, opposite floor is bibulous ply expands rate. </p>

<p>4, the geometrical dimension of the floor: This compares an experiment to need to be done with whole bat quite. A) spells two floors together, the on any account that touchs juncture with the hand differs; to be between the model that sells a floor board, also can feel conciously, compare quite. The difference between the brand, should apparent. B) sees the exact rate of joining together aperture next. Floor having a place has side turn, flat-fell seam very won't close. This mirrors the treatment precision of the floor. </p> Forum Index -> Questions about ITT mechanics
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