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Floor of new technologies

Morning State Fair appearance at the sixth China International Floor Coverings & Carpet Fair, composite fence manufacturers usa China correspondent saw net floor so funny side: Beijing a flooring company at the State Fair a live demonstration of the latest drawing floor of this patented technology, staff can be printed user's favorite pattern on the floor, their favorite pattern can not only hang on the wall, can also be printed on the floor, spare time as long as the bow can directly appreciate, this is the latest drawing floor. Another company showcases the latest electric floor heating: When plugged in, the floor will be able to directly heat the room. Staff reports, some of the cell Beijing currently provides electric film heating technology, cheap balconies floor decking for germany has a bunk room floor pipes, heat energy is supplied through a pipe into the room. Compared with electric membrane technology, which can save a lot of resources of electric floor. This morning, 3 ft high wooden fence many viewers into the State Fair, viewing the Sixth China International Floor Coverings & Carpet Fair. Reporters saw these characteristics hall floor is more lively, the Chinese network 4B26 floor hall is also extremely popular, come to consult, negotiate business vendors flocked staff busy hot air. China Network CEO Mr. Zhang Jianzhong floor told reporters that the scale of the show bigger than expected, wood plastic composite deck supplier the exhibition to exhibitors brought unlimited business opportunities, but also for the participating media provides a good communication platform, and wished the exhibition a great success ! Forum Index -> Other Warcraft 3 game chat
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