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Floor of model of wood of analysis of advantage

The prospective development trend of wooden model floor goes what the road of carbolic environmental protection follows low carbon environmental protection low to begin more swift and violent, according to the need of consumer, floor profession also begins those who have a new green environmental protection, floor of meantime wood model is model of a kind of such new-style environmental protection wood complex material goods, its basically are the wooden phenol that the place in process of beaverboard of aborning, high density produces, join reworked plastics to adopt model of wood of make it of the equipment that build bead complex material, undertake squeezing birth yield floor board of model of wood of group make it next. Restrict wooden model data to march China is indoor the class of sense organ of appearance of wooden model data that the one big factor that decorates a category is a tradition is not quite high, if can have been done " creditable " project, wooden model data decorates the good of the respect to will be added greatly indoors. For example, use real wood to stick a face, can use as floor, decorate board, the; such as clapboard and 3 get together after paper of cyanogen amine film is compound, after can using; of production family property to make picture of all sorts of Mu Wen, color on wooden model data, can use as decorate board data of; wood model is returned but core of make it door board data. According to understanding of bazaar research center, follow everybody to pay attention to the progress of degree to environmental capital, in order to abandon the trend that old goods and materials calls in and capital uses the loop that is a center economy integratedly to begin a form to already became international economy to begin. Develop capital to use mastery of a skill or technique circularly energetically, will be begun to national economy and the environment can be begun continuously produce far-reaching effect. And use useless old plastic produce wooden model with ligneous fiber complex material finished product just is the good project that is used to this one demand. During because domestic market still is in,starting, wooden model finished product still does not have large area to carry out in domestic market. Chinese bazaar and North America bazaar are compared, wooden model is compound of data and finished products increase to still have quite large space, anticipate domestic timber model is compound data market in recent years inside crop will surmount 1 million tons, crop surmounts 1 billion yuan, form new-style wood model system of compound finished product. About consumer for, wooden model floor is attributed to energy-saving environmental protection model commodity, not only can wonderful drill accuses ill other people discharge, still can accomplish the fruit of waterproof and moistureproof equivalent on the ground. About program division for, wooden model floor this one up-to-date data, have the affinity of natural lumber already, and type, colour is varied can satisfactory program division demands the new, program requirement that demands different. To decorating a company for, unit of wooden model floor is convenience, can save the data capital when construction, artificial capital and capital of time limit for a project greatly. Advantage of time limit for a project can progress already the project wins the bid votingly rate, together again opportunity in advance accepts more other item, gain more benefit for the company. The characteristic of waterproof, moistureproof, anticorrosive, changeless form can cut down commodity greatly the maintenance after the project is finishing serves capital.  
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