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floor is the symbiosis of each decoration

<p>Since 2010, the relevant state departments issued a series of suppression of house prices, to combat speculation in the policy, the original hot property market suddenly cool again, the real estate industry turnover plummeted by This poses a definite negative impact on the flooring industry. But the property market downturn on the impact of all home furnishing industry have a certain lag, at least in six months will be reflected. The floor industry, many of the industry is more biased in favor of short-term negative long-term positive view that the floor and the whole home industry will be a new round of real estate regulation and control of ambush beneficiaries. </p>
<p>The industry believes that the property market downturn will not directly affect the needs of the flooring market, this effect is not only very small, and will be limited to a short period of time, not too long, so the rigid floor industry will not be eliminated. The state introduced a series of policies to regulate the real estate industry, the flooring industry is certainly not a good thing. Flooring enterprises should be innovative marketing situation and service situation, through a wealth of product lines, low-carbon environment, the growth of the situation, to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises and resist market persecution ability. </p>
<p>With the country to the rural market to enhance the degree of cherished, and rural consumers of building materials necessary to move forward year by year, many businesses began to understand the rural market has become a new continent in the market, and with the rural market Perfect, the rural market of wood flooring products necessary amount can be described as great, rural areas have also become the focus of the building materials industry growth direction. Flooring industry as a more lively part of the rural market in the rural market is also followed the policy steps to increase the share. </p>
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