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floor is the fifth

<p>rectly to the five generations of change, and self-heating floor is the fifth generation of heating the vanguard. Different from the traditional heating methods, self-heating floor is in the middle of the wood floor directly into the heating core layer, power can be directly after the fever, to achieve the warm floor into one. Compared with traditional heating methods, self-heating floor not only heating up fast, high thermal conversion rate, but also to achieve time-sharing, sub-control temperature, coupled with the floor can be beneficial to the human body far-infrared wave, with good health effects, and thus In line with the part of the consumer high-quality living needs. Warm core floor in improving people's living standards at the same time, if not to control the quality of good points, everything will be empty, clearly aware of this, and strict implementation of the following four aspects: 1, process assurance: 2, the technical assurance: warm core heating layer completely sealed in the floor interior, special puncture insulated electrode connection; 3, the design guarantees: no pollution, no radiation, the w</p>
<p>arm layer of the core layer of non-toxic, non-toxic, non-toxic; Only heat never conductive; 4, GB to ensure: strict implementation of national safety standards and quality standards, safe and secure. As a high-end brand originated from the Nordic flooring, Santokhang Kang heating floor with a three-tier structure design and floor surface screening process, making the floor more stable, has been recognized by many consumers. Autumn, September 23, 2011, Shengxiang Kang to warm floor tasting will be held in Beijing Bottle Club. As the integration of international resources to create high-end flooring products, Shengxiang Kang tree floor heating with its advanced technology and adhere to the sincerity of quality, effective to meet the North to warm the demand for solid wood flooring, leading to a comprehensive upgrade floor heating, and promote To three solid wood flooring as the representative of the solid wood floor in the northern market development. In recent years, as a scientific, energy saving, health, heating, heating in northern China to increase year after year, the solid w</p>
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