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floor is in harmony

<p>Whether the color of the floor is in harmony with the style of the home space. Wood flooring is the use of uv paint, pu paint is extremely environmentally friendly, benzene and formaldehyde and other harmful substances release is high, and paint life is short, in Europe and the United States has long been disabled, so be sure to ask when buying. In addition, if the first floor directly contact the ground, humidity, can choose pine, catalpa wood and other wood flooring, because these two kinds of wood is not easy to deformation. Children's room can use cork flooring, can effectively prevent children from bumps, wrestling injuries. Source: Sina real estate</p>
<p>  This is a magical land, where both the flowing water of the thousands of Jiangnan style, but also filled with the modern industrial machinery operating boom, here is located in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Nanxun. Although there is no vast forest resources, there is no strong background of state-owned capital, but the land of Nanxun businessmen with their bold vision, keen touch and rapid response, so that Nanxun from the country's largest plywood distribution center, became China Of the wooden floor of the capital. A time of industrial transformation, again and again the pain of change,</p>
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