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Floor course of study " the festival is consumed "

China of   of road of development of future of floor of wood of model of energy-saving environmental protection is the country with poor resource of a lumber, because tree is excessive,cut, green protective screen suffers damage, sanded dust storm grows in intensity, the loop of resource is used and safeguard to what give birth to state environment more and more be taken seriously, the development of commodity of floor of wood of this pair of model invented very crackajack big environment. Together, model wood floor can call in reuse, say to go up the low carbon on real significance, environmental protection, can circulate but data of wood of model of second birth zoology. About consumer character, model wood floor belongs to energy-saving environmental protection commodity, not only can control ill other people admirably discharge, still can accomplish the fruit of waterproof and moistureproof equivalent on the ground. The expert thinks model wood floor is new-style check gives a data, accord with people to circulate to seeking the economy, tenet that advocates low carbon environmental protection, can use at wall of gardens landscape, inside and outside adornment, floor, protect the column, Hua Chi, place such as arbor, model wood floor is sure to become trend trend ground is nodded in the future, become household adornment to pervade the building materials that apply. Model wood floor is having his moment sadly, it with low carbon, green, environmental protection, can call in circularly use conquer the heart of a lot of consumer, the expert says or state with certainty, model wood floor will replace real wood floor board in the future, make new trend of floor industry trend. Model wood floor, just as its name implies is real wood and plastic combinative put oneself in another's position namely, with abandon old plastic reach the plant fiber such as straw of the lumber that abandon, aricultural to make base material, holding to endophilicity of real wood floor together, have again crackajack moistureproof be able to bear or endure water, acid-proof fungus of alkaline, curb, fight electrostatic, insect-resistant the function such as eat by moth.  
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