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The actor inferior position of heavy bamboo floor and the principle that make? Common of heavy bamboo floor weighs Zhu Si board, it is one of bamboo floor, it is to be in perfect further on the foundation of bamboo floor normally, make its more beautiful, more useful. The select material of floor of this kind of bamboo is compared normally all the more of bamboo floor select material is careful, it chooses this locality 4 years normally the exceedingly good bamboo of above Zhu Ling (or the bamboo that other has similar material sex is planted) make a material, classics select material, evaporate is boiled, stoving, a series of strict skill flow such as hot pressing produce and become. Heavy bamboo floor divides floor of bamboo of the ballast that it is heat and floor of cold ballast bamboo again, cold ballast bamboo is course of study of bamboo of abundant of the day that install auspicious limited company is first this commodity of development, the development that installs Jizhuhong to be passed with hot pressing skill more than 2 years next is successful also come out the skill skill of crucial point also filed patent. Cold pressing is will appropriate Zhu Sihong do inferior moisture content the following impregnation, next again as dry as a chip, fit a pattern, apply control group base, after adding a lock, put to solidify of the heat inside constant temperature space. After preform shapes, defeat cut, make water portion balance. Such with respect to be over base board, can go up paint line makes finished product. Fold of hot pressing skill is revised this paragraph bamboo drying, impregnation, as dry as a chip do not need to fit a pattern direct tile is applied pressure heat solidify be over. After preform shapes, defeat cut, the portion that do water balances end semifinished product board, go up again lacquer. The field is cut in analyse, leng Yagen is a shaping quadrate honest stuff namely originally, the standard is 1860 roughly 104 140mm is a such quadrate makings namely at all. What hot pressing shapes is a piece of 1860 the plank of wide cut of 1260 35mm/45mm, undertake standard analyse is cut concerned a convention again. Cold press fold of Zhu Si board to revise this end length to be in: Solidify hour grows board surface off color lesser, broken cut skill brief. Blemish: Because cold pressing is to choose outfit model to heat of solidify, heat grind in the process also subsequently be heated is puffy board the density of the brim normally the demand of short of expect. By the side of simple paralysis, cause simply board density not all. Craze appears after producing the lacquer on board face next, jump silk, be out of shape the probability on the high side that waits for undesirable phenomenon, still do not have wonderful methodological processing at present, but a lot of professional personages occupy this skill difficult problem by force in delibrate, accredit can be handled very quickly. ​ hot pressing weighs bamboo floor fold to revise this end length to be in: Hot pressing consulted cold the certain lack that control, contact bamboo glue board produces adeptly the skill after skill is improved, apply pressure heat solidify be over, preform shapes the process is below thousands of tons pressure be over heats of solidify, density is even, edge of not easy paralysis and jump silk, the connotation quality problem of processing board base had further progress. Blemish: The density of floor of hot ballast bamboo is relatively cold pressure want tall, broken cut difficulty bigger, cost of bad news material also wants relatively tall, hot ballast bamboo heats the hour of solidify is shorter off color is relatively cold pressure should big a lot of. Density of heavy bamboo floor is high, than general bamboo floor more wear-resisting, and even smooth, not borer, changeless form, elegance of colour and lustre, grain is pure and fresh pleasing to the eye, it is other any floors can not be compared like. It is useful at advanced residence, unit, bedroom, hotel restaurant, stadium place and outdoor recreational, public place of entertainment.  
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