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Fine teak furniture

<p>1, teak in a variety of environments is not easy deformation, corrosion and cracking: from many teak flooring point of view, teak its micro-pinhole stable structure, the teak wood flooring both strength and toughness, good stability, general hard miscellaneous Wood flooring installed two years later there will be a larger winter contraction,<a href=''>high quality low sand beach chair with armrest</a> the gap up to 3 to 4 mm; the summer and expansion from the drum, a larger loosening sound; teak wood flooring is very stable, very small gap changes.</p>
<p>2, Teak texture fine and beautiful: beautiful ink line, gorgeous oil shadow, the overall decoration poses a natural mix of different textures.</p>
<p>3, teak high oil content, the more the more smooth: teak furniture surface is very delicate and slick, that is, the protection of the oil in the glossy furniture, make it bright and lasting; also is this layer of teak grease emitted fragrance so many Insect ants can not close.</p>
<p>Southeast Asia is very humid,<a href=''>folding beach chair potrable with cup holder</a> pests are also a lot of teak furniture, you can avoid a lot of trouble, surprisingly, the teak outside the layer of grease does not fade over time, but makes teak furniture more and more light , Teak furniture from the water to take care of special convenience; domestic sales of teak furniture surface layer of plant paint, to protect its oil, play a role in mentioning light.</p>
<p>4, the more with the more golden: Teak furniture is even more amazing is that its shaved surface color is oxidized by photosynthesis golden yellow, the color will be extended over time and more beautiful.
Teak, golden teak and other fish, posing as teak; there are a lot of furniture, the main material with teak, and the other is the main teak wood, teak and so on; Materials such as wardrobe backplane,<a href=''>fabric leisure sun chair</a> laminates, drawer laminates with other wood instead, or with integrated timber instead of logs.</p> Forum Index -> Other Warcraft 3 game chat
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