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Farnham Tool Hire excavator fleet now exclusively Bobcat

<P>Since being acquired eight years ago by the current owner, Farnham Tool Hire, based in Farnham, southern England, the company has grown from three units to 18 machines and is now is exclusively of Bobcat micro- and mini-excavators.All Farnham’s machines have been supplied by Bobcat of London,bridge expansion joint cover the authorised Bobcat dealer for London and south-east England.  Farnham Tool Hire bought its first Bobcat excavators six years ago and now offers a choice of models from 1-3tonnes. The latest additions to the fleet a Bobcat E26 2.6tonne machine and four new E25 2.5tonne mini-excavators. This follows on from the purchase of four E19 compact excavators in 2015 and E10 and E16 units in earlier years.</P>
<P>The models are part of Bobcat’s latest E-generation of machines designed to provide a combination of breakout forces, working range, smoothness of workgroup functions,road grooving machine hydraulic output and fast cycle times.Bobcat’s E25 and E26 models have the same spacious cab as that of the 3-5tonne machines and come equipped with heating. They are also radio/MP3 ready as standard.</P>  
<P>Contributing to the high reliability of the E25 and E26 mini-excavators is are the 4-plate box design for the workgroup, high resistant DCPD covers and ‘quick lock’ hydraulic connections. The 4-plate box design reduces weight in the workgroup which, together with weight being added at the back of the excavator, has made it possible to move the centre of gravity towards the rear of the machine and increase stability.</P>
<P>The increased stability ensures that the E25 and E26 compact excavators do not require an additional counterweight when configured with the optional long dipperstick used on all the excavators at Farnham Tool Hire.  This increases the working range while still limiting the weight of the cabbed long-arm versions to 2,700kg to allow them to be transported by trailer - maximum towable weight,buy asphalt crack sealing machine including trailer: 3.5 tonnes.The maximum digging depth of the E25 and E26 models is 2582mm, with a maximum reach at ground level of 4,553mm and a maximum dump height of 3,057mm.</P> Forum Index -> Questions about ITT mechanics
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