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exacerbated the floor

<p> Forestry Administration and the first secretary-general of the China Greening Foundation, highly praised the positive contributions made by natural floors to the pulse of the times and practical actions in the field of low-carbon emission reduction. The meeting day, as the Secretary-General of the League of zero-carbon nature of the floor of the unit, convened, including the Division Hengyuan, good poly green, Xin Jing photoelectric, technology-side, green frog biotechnology, Xinyi ceramics, Home of well-known enterprises, including members of the 'Zero Carbon Union' for the first time Leaders Forum, and jointly read out the Declaration of zero-carbon alliance. According to the nature of the floor (China) Co., Ltd. She Xuebin introduced: the new nature of zero-carbon flooring is to comply with the 'zero carbon consumption' trend and painstaking research and development of new products. Compared with the traditional laminate flooring: the new zero-carbon nature of the floor not only in the color of innovation and board texture of the real reduction has a significant upgrade, its wear, scratch,</p>
<p> moisture and other physical properties also have a more substantial increase . Commendable is that the new zero-carbon nature of the new floor is the first to get carbon neutral certificate of zero carbon products. Site professional evaluation: the new zero-carbon nature of the floor, the production of R  D process in the field of laminate flooring production inserted a new benchmark, not only to promote the floor to strengthen R  D technology and product category upgrades, but also to promote the concept of floor consumption Upgrade, so that consumers are conscious of buying a brand, buy price, but also will focus on zero carbon indicators, and guide consumers to choose zero carbon lifestyle. Conference, the nature of the floor with the international environmental protection giant giant OSHIKA Japan Co., Ltd. held a 'formaldehyde-free environmental bonding adhesive bonding project signing ceremony'. </p>
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