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Even the best V Ribbed Belt will burst

Many of the key components and systems of your vehicle are operated or powered by a V Ribbed Belt attached to the engine drive shaft. With the help of pulleys, these belts drive most of the vehicle's engine fans, pumps, air conditioning compressors, power steering systems and alternators. The alternator is a very important part that provides power when the engine is running and charges the battery.

There are V ribbed belt and or serpentine belts that will run one or more systems in your vehicle. After the engine is running, the belt runs continuously. The high cover temperature plus the constant bending of the belt will eventually wear the belt. Eventually, even the best belts will burst. When the belt runs the system and or the attachment will stop running.

The automatic belt tensioner is a metal device having a pulley attached to the engine. It applies tension to the V ribbed belt by means of an internal spring device in contact with the belt. In order to make the belt work properly, the need for tension. The appropriate tension causes the belt to come into contact with the various components, thereby providing power and not slipping into the pulley groove of the accessory without generating heat to the tension, thereby shortening the service life of the belt.

Do you know, according to the National Automobile Council statistics, the country has 19 percent of the car there are belt wear situation, need to be replaced. According to statistics, many vehicles after four years of operation, the belt is the incidence of failure is also rising.

If you need to replace the belt, then for your own safety, please disconnect the car's battery, so that your hand is still moving the room, the fan leaves unexpectedly began to rotate. Before you remove the old Rubber Drive Belts, check the calibration of the drive wheel. If the drive shaft is not parallel or the drive wheels are not properly installed, the drive will wear out before the normal operating life of the belt. Forum Index -> User Introductions
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