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especially the floor of such household products

<p>Kim is not willing to disclose to reporters the company 's specific export volume is, but he told reporters that in accordance with previous years of exports and export growth in recent years, a good month when exports may reach thousands of Million, that is, by the exchange rate changes brought about by the loss is not just a 160 million. Mr. Jin was reluctantly told reporters that overseas, unlike the domestic, especially the floor of such household products, the requirements and regulations are very much in order to break into the overseas market is a very difficult thing. Such as the company is at the beginning of this year to re-pricing of the full range of products, and in Europe and the United States, including Japan and South Korea and other countries, to develop a good price will not be easily changed once the price means that it will lose a large part of the customer.<a href="">grey decking pvc belfast</a> </p>
<p>He also told reporters that the yuan since the beginning of this year the exchange rate against the US dollar continued to show higher prices, but the company did not dare to price adjustment, the result is that the greater the appreciation of the renminbi, the company profits squeezed more. It is in this awkward situation, from July this year, the company began to adjust the market strategy to reduce the share of overseas sales, while the product to the domestic market.<a href="">composite commercial planters</a> </p> Forum Index -> Other Warcraft 3 game chat
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