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environmental protection floor

<p>Increase of the area ceaselessly as housing, the demand that people installs to the home is higher and higher also. For a short while, wide wood floor becomes the style that likes for people.wooden bench made from deck planks The reporter sells an understanding to arrive in each large household building materials, wide wood floor is to show width is 120 millimeter or the wooden floor of 125 millimeter. How does wide wood floor choose? </p>
<p>Combinative door area will choose</p>
<p>The air of wide wood floor and expressional strength can attract the eyeball of consumer particularly, but, if the area of the room is lesser, spread wide wood floor not to put a few, put aside again finally on furniture, do not look to give what effect not only, create resources waste more easily also. </p>
<p>This shows, to small family model for,Cost Of Wooden Panelling On Walls In Kollam narrow wooden floor suits more than wide wood floor, narrow the color of wooden floor, decorative pattern, effect come out to meet in outfit of small family shop more good-looking, the room with larger area just suits to use wide wood floor board. </p>
<p>Construction process requirement is strict</p>
<p>The wide wood floor of character qualification is planted through strict material choose to be checked and accept with quality, high grade wide wood floor is due and natural tonal, clear Mu Wen, these are the premise of high grade construction. </p>
<p>In ply same situation falls, wide wood floor should be compared to the requirement of ground flatness narrow Mudebangao. As technical level rise, the condition with poor stability of wide wood floor has gotten very big improvement,how install wood plastic board but, opposite at narrow for the stability of wooden floor, still have certain difference. Accordingly, if buy wide wood floor certainly, must choose old brand, big businessman, ensure firm installation order. </p>
<p>Advantage weakness is likewise apparent</p>
<p>The service life of wooden floor basically depends on wear-resisting degree, and board model and size has nothing to do. Wooden floor falls in the situation with unit same area,Composite Decking Discount Wholesale juncture is less, adjustable space can be jumped over small, but odds of metabolic of the arch since floor of the wood below this kind of circumstance can increase. </p>
<p>Under photograph comparing, narrow the juncture of wooden floor is more, juncture can jump over much more adjustable space big, be out of shape not easily, won't have break. But, another problem appeared again, the aperture brim of wooden floor wears away more easily, with narrow wooden floor aperture is more, tatty odds is a lot of bigger. Accordingly, wide wood floor, narrow wooden floor has advantages and disadvantages each. </p> Forum Index -> Questions about ITT mechanics
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