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Environmental bamboo flooring market

<p>To this end, the floor around the enterprise have launched network sales channels. However, the industry analysis, said: parquet is different from the general specification of products, after-sales floor also need to install, maintenance, repair, and so on.However, after the sale of the floor, A range of services. If the flooring companies want to lower prices through the Internet to sell a, not only impact on their sales channels, and ultimately lose the network market.The home industry from the lack of business together, the same fierce competition as the flooring industry, the strong combination between the flooring enterprises may well be fighting for the market to defend the interests of an effective business model.</p>
<p> Golden nine silver decoration of the arrival of the season, the floor is to see the market boiling business, all kinds of promotions are competing to take on. In addition to the joint promotion of business momentum between the form, the joint form of those who? Product innovation, strong combination of Power Dekor floor and Anderson flooring cooperation in the field of new solid wood flooring set off an uproar. The two flooring companies not only in environmental protection ideas coincide, but also for their own patented technology are praised. New solid wood flooring has two flooring business technology essence, its quality and appearance has been synchronized with Europe and the United States. </p>
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