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Engaged in a brand floor sales

<p>There are many factors contributing to wood price changes, two of which are particularly important. First, the rise in freight rates led to increased transport costs. Second, while increasing the concept of environmental protection, reducing the number of Chinese imports of wood and increase the price of timber. China imported a large number of timber from the tropical rain forest areas, such as Brazil and other countries, and in recent years, these countries have to sing slogans of environmental protection, the development of relevant policies to limit logging, so that China's timber imports greatly reduced, timber prices Improve a lot. </p>
<p>In addition, there are experts believe that exchange rate changes, processing costs, buyers increased, and so is an important reason for rising timber prices. Information from the State Forestry Administration Information Center, China's wood market supply and demand gap is very large, the annual total timber demand of about 300 million to 320 million cubic meters, the actual supply may be less than about 200 million cubic meters, the average annual gap in the total The amount is not in decimal. In recent years, China's building materials and decoration market is in a golden period of development, it is estimated that timber consumption will increase in the market, both from the quantity and quality point of view, the domestic production of wood are far from meeting the demand. </p>
<p>At present, the most viable approach is to import wood in addition to the state's stepping up efforts to create planted forests, adopting various timber conservation measures and developing wood substitutes. Therefore, any change in the international timber market will have an impact on the domestic market. The impact of wood price changes on the wood industry (wood products processing, manufacturing, sales, etc.) will affect the level of profitability of the various enterprises and the original price position determines the extent of their impact. Engaged in a brand floor sales agent Miss Lee said that in the wood price changes, the floor to reduce profit margins are mostly to ensure sales. In order to seize the market, some of the floor prices do not rise or fall. </p>

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