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Ecological wood products

Green wood and so on, its essence is made of PVC polymer materials and high-precision wood flour and trace modified polymer additives in accordance with the specific formula, Adding polymer extrusion, wood-plastic production technology research and development is to improve the wood processing project in the comprehensive utilization of waste such as wood powder, reduce environmental pollution, degradation and recycling in the use of. However, with the development of wood-plastic products technology and the recognition of its customers, ecological wood has been more and more widely used in modern decorative construction and the majority of users and users. In recent years, ecological wood itself has a non-toxic pollution-free, waterproof, zero formaldehyde, fire prevention, pest control, color modeling rich, simple and quick installation has occupied the decoration of half of the indoor and outdoor decoration.

Ecological wood in the interior decoration in the following aspects have been applied.
First, do ceiling materials.
Ecological wood in a variety of buckle smallpox, with supporting keel, for the installation of the ceiling to save a lot of labor and material costs, a variety of wall plates, flat panel, square, etc. are also widely used in the shape of the rich ceiling. Has been widely replaced by the previous aluminum ceilings, pvc pinch, gypsum board modeling.

Second, do the wall decoration
Ecological wood in a variety of specifications of the Great Wall board, wave board, triangular plate, double panel, flat panel, etc., because modeling diverse, close to solid wood effect, easy to install. No glue, no smell, no nails, no paint, not afraid of water, no distortion and other characteristics, are widely used in dado, wall decoration, background wall, image wall, wood finishes and other places.

Third, the shape cut off
Ecological wood in a variety of square pillars, because of its light weight, good installation advantages, the majority of designers used to do partition, pillars modeling, wall modeling and other places, greatly saving labor.

Fourth, outdoor decoration
Because ecological wood is not afraid of water, free paint and other characteristics, many companies also used in the external wall decoration, advertising the first door area, has also achieved very good results.

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