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Double-sided adhesive asphalt coating anti-crack waterproof

<p>Double-sided adhesive asphalt coating anti-crack waterproof membrane,which is a kind of pavement and bridge deck is special adhesive waterproofing and anti-cracking of coil, the material can be used for generation of domestic new and roadbase waterproof layer of overhaul.main function is to solve the issue of grassroots waterproof.And can effectively prevent and reduce the formation and development of reflection crack at the grass-roots level and water damage.Now start application in engineering practice,and achieved good social benefits and economic benefits.</p>
<p>Anti-cracking waterproof film adhesive coating on the laying of hot asphalt mixture,protective film melting,polymer paste hot melt,and its bonding is very good.The coating thickness of 1.0 mm or so,there is enough of polymer melt in the filling potholes on the surface of the base,enhanced with the cohesive force of the base,The coating and the stability of the tire base to ensure the effective interlayer bonding crack, crack resistance, waterproof company environmental protection product ,which mainly used for road crack, old road reconstruction,Strong tensile resistance,replaced the traditional asphalt filling and sewing process, respond to the two sessions environmental problems this year ,really protect the environment.</p>

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