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DOAN to build asphalt pavement maintenance vehicle was well

<p>1. Composition and principle</p>
<p>The thermal insulation system of the asphalt pavement integrated maintenance vehicle developed by our company consists of a heating pipe 1, a burner 2, a stop valve (3,4,6,7,8,10), a heat conducting oil sandwich (5,11),<a href="">Resistance corrosion asphalt pothole filler producers</a> a heat conduction oil pump 9, An asphalt tank 12, a mixture tank 13 and the like, as shown in Fig. The capacity of asphalt in the asphalt tank is 500L and the capacity of the mixture is 2 m3.</p>
<p>In the asphalt tank 12, a double-layer heating pipe 1 is provided, and the heat-conducting oil layer 11 is filled with the heat-conducting oil between the inner and outer pipes. The high-temperature gas generated in the combustion of the burner 2 flows in the double-layer heating pipe to heat the heat-conducting oil in the heat-conducting oil-sandwich layer 11. The high- The heated heat transfer oil first heats the asphalt in the asphalt tank 12,<a href="">Highway Maintenance Highways equipment</a> and then transfers the heated heat transfer oil to the heat transfer oil sandwich layer 5 through the heat conduction oil pump 9, finally mixes the asphalt in the mixture tank 13 through the heat conduction oil sandwich 5 The material is heated.
The heating and insulation system has two functions of heating and insulation, asphalt and asphalt mixture and other road materials, constant temperature heating, and can maintain its temperature required for the construction temperature.</p>
<P>Asphalt tank 12 is both asphalt insulation tank, heating and holding furnace. Although the asphalt mixture in the mixed maintenance box is mostly finished asphalt mixture with certain temperature, its temperature may drop to below the construction temperature due to the long transportation distance. To this end, the use of heat conducting oil on the asphalt mixture for heating insulation. When only the asphalt in the asphalt tank 12 is heated, the shut-off valves 3, 7, 8, 10 are opened and the shut-off valves 4,<a href="">lasting value driveway sealer manufacturer</a> 6 are closed. The heat-conducting oil is subjected to a small circulation in the heat-conducting oil-sandwich layer 11 by the heat-conducting oil pump 9. When both the asphalt in the asphalt tank needs to be heated and the asphalt mixture in the tank 13 is kept warm, the shut-off valve 7 is closed and all other shut-off valves are opened. The heat transfer oil is circulated in the heat transfer oil layers (5, 11) in the asphalt tank 12 and the mixture tank 13 by the heat transfer oil pump 9.</P>
<p>2. System heat required for heat calculation</p>
<P>According to the industry standard of JT / T276-2004 asphalt sprinkler and the "Asphalt Spreader" standard issued by the Ministry of Communications and relevant experience, the insulation performance of asphalt spreading machine must meet the following requirements: When the initial temperature of asphalt is 150 ℃, the ambient temperature is 15 ~ 20 ℃, static 8h, the temperature drop of asphalt shall not be greater than 20 ℃.</P>
<p>3 heating insulation device selection</p>
<p>Do a good job of heating and insulation device selection work, to ensure that the asphalt and mix the heating temperature, to maintain its good physical properties, so as to meet the construction requirements.</p>
<p>The outer wall of the heating pipe is directly contacted with the asphalt mixture in the asphalt tank and the mixture in the mixture box to form the heat exchange area. The heat transfer area of ​​the inner row of the asphalt tank is the key to determine whether the heating and insulation system is reasonable. If the heat transfer area is too large, it will occupy too much space within the asphalt tank, increasing manufacturing costs and maintenance difficulties.</p> Forum Index -> Other Warcraft 3 game chat
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