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(Sumeidama is like) Jia Senmu course of study obtains Shenzhen " quality progress award " Recently, new developed area of Shenzhen city dragon China award of the 2nd quality commends meeting in Long Huaxin region market supervises management board to be held ceremoniously. Limited company of trade of Shenzhen city Jia Senmu industry depends on solid actual strength dominant position, have the honor to win " quality progress award " , president of Jia Senmu cause holds general manager Fang Xu concurrently to appear on the stage to receive pot and honorary letter according to delegate company.

Award of quality of dragon China new developed area, regard the blue ribbon in the area as award, aim to manage to quality and organize an award, through erecting surveyor's pole, guide and all trades and professions of incentive new developed area strengthens quality management, the transition that promotes an industry upgrades.

Since Jia Sencheng stands 20 years, pass outstanding performance management, the quality of technology of the quality that enhances a product ceaselessly and innovation, staff and service manages, in order to satisfy client and the requirement that oneself expands. Fang Xu illuminates express: "Participate in award of this quality of Ci Longhua new developed area to choose, understand oneself builds developing dominant position in performance already, can see oneself demerit and inadequacy again, check leakage fill a vacancy, perfect oneself better, provide more high grade product and service for broad consumer.
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