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County low floor city market operating costs

According to dealers analysis, a second-tier city brand, the manufacturers of auto store area there are certain requirements, and some even claim to make big shop. Some dealers said the large-store sales off-season even enough to pay the rent and property costs. From the input-output ratio, the efficiency is not high.

It is understood that, in a second-tier cities to build a dealer floor 100 square meters of luxury brand stores, at least 500,000 start-up capital, only the cost of design, model, jewelry, construction materials and other costs of doing up to 800 input store -1000 yuan / square meter, and deliver quarterly rent plus one month deposit. In the county the city to build a 100-square-meter store, start-up capital of about 15, 20 million and therefore auto relatively small investment, risk is also smaller.

As the investment to build stores, second-tier cities into a larger factory and decoration costs are often in the form of rebate or in-kind subsidies to dealers, distributors bear a greater operational risk.

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