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Compound floor board

<p>Floor installation, it is the topic that industry stress pays close attention to all the time. Have scientific setup only, ability assures the service life of the floor, of course floor installation also is not one collect and thing, need pays attention to a lot of little detail.where to buy wooden floor in nairobi Today, network of Chinese wood floor is small make up share together with everybody: Floor installation What detail respect should pay attention to? </p>

<p>Ventilated little detail divides flavour not only before installation still go wet</p>

<p>The content of formaldehyde can notice when we are buying a floor board commonly, often can forgetting however before installation is need is ventilated, can let a floor suit to arrive from the processing factory not just so the climate that decorates the spot,black composite panels stuff and can go flavour and air. Have so big effect however, need not spend great merit husband however. As long as pack ravel entirely, fold the floor into word of &ldquo; well &rdquo; model, do not exceed 1 meter, can achieve ideal result. </p>

<p>The level off before installation also is big question discretion also can delay life</p>

<p>When the floor has been spread, some owner just can discover the floor ground in the home is insufficient suddenly level off, gap is bigger between crural line and floor. Affect a vision not just so beautiful, still affect the service life of the floor, replace original flooring for terrace also compare even sound insulation result difference even. In decorating, want us to notice observation only, maintain ground level, difference of the discretion inside 2 meters of limits is less than 5 millimeter, this kind of problem can avoid completely.interlocking panels for dance floor</p> Forum Index -> Questions about ITT mechanics
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