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Circular cutting machine remote control operation



   <p>Mainly used for municipal, telecommunications, gas, water and airport covers around the cement concrete or asphalt pavement for circular cutting, in order to remove the broken cover around the pavement to provide a partition area, the construction does not destroy the surrounding road, circumference cutting neat appearance, repair After the ground as new,<a href="">Cheap emergency road maintenance vehicles</a> can also be used for urban road greening project.</p>

    <p>Product Features:</p>

 <p> • Shandong Lu Wei produced by the remote-controlled circular cutting machine, remote control function is complete, truly all the functions of all remote control operation, including the engine start and stop, water valve switch control (according to the situation at any time switch,<a href="">inexpensive paving sealer dealers</a> more water) .</p>

<p>• Equipped with imported brand-name oil engine, strong power, stable performance;</p>

  <p> • remote operation, safe and easy to use, low labor intensity;</p>

   <p> Machine base special design, can be placed directly on the covers, no additional fixed; to adapt to the road tilt, tilt cover and other complex construction, debugging convenience. </p>

    <p>The machine base is automatically leveled to facilitate the construction on the inclined cover, the working depth can be set freely, the machine can cut automatically to the set depth;</p>

    <p>Cutting state, the depth of time from time to time, accurate to 0.1mm, to avoid the blade does not work, not cutting the status quo. In this case,</p>

   <p> Lifting the machine when the construction of a variety of sudden situation caused by the machine hold down the situation,<a href="">practical asphalt expansion joint cost</a> the work of the blade with a screw speed automatic fall, to resolve the previous artificial drop control are not allowed to cause the phenomenon of hold-up. </p>

    <p>Cutting circumference diameter adjustment using rack and pinion structure, quick and easy adjustment</p>

     <P>Traction rods are equipped with flat-tooth adjustment mechanisms to accommodate different working tractors.</P> Forum Index -> Other Warcraft 3 game chat
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