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Amega Wand - Is It Real , Placebo, Power Of Suggestion Or Trick? I have studied several hundred articles for and against the Amega Wand, and the Amega Global products and solutions, have even signed up like a distributor with the products. I still have questions though. Maybe you could help with my questions.
The Wand the World Web site has actual tests of blood samples prior to and after wanding with the AM Wand. Also there are Water and food samples, including Energy samples of men and women, prior to and after wanding. These tests were carried out by outside laboratories of Amega for these results.
I can recognize where the Placebo Effect or Power of Suggestion may perhaps get a way some with the Pain from Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, hip, knee pain, even shingles. What I am owning trouble comprehension is how can Power of Suggestion or Placebo can make lines and wrinkles disappear and stay gone for weeks and weeks? These are surely signs that some thing is really going on using the AM Wand. I am also having trouble understanding how Power of Suggestion or Placebo can make a drop of Blood change to where it can be moving more rapidly and have a lot more oxygen under the microscope? Also, how superior a Salesperson would it take for Power of Suggestion to make a vial of Water have additional oxygen after becoming wanded? A genuinely genuinely very good sales person may well be able to talk you or me into believing the pain is gone, but I have by no means met the sales person that could change the mind of a drop of blood or a vial of water.
I guess I also want help comprehension the word Trick. If the product (AM WAND) was being sold and it was not working-I could probably call it a Trick. Medical Doctors say that a Placebo will operate on 35% from the men and women. Seems like the AM Wand is working on double or even a lot more than that amount. A handful of individuals have said they could feel no difference. The Amega corporation offers a 30 day money back guarantee , no questions ask, having a 90 day product trade guarantee in situation you desire some thing else. I haven't heard of everyone complaining that they were not able to get their money back or not becoming able to trade it for another Amega product from the identical value. Since I are only able to speak Okie (from Oklahoma) and Red Neck, (very little English). Please explain to me how this may be called a Scam and it'll help me a bunch. (I think "bunch" is about precisely the same like a "lot" in English.
P.S. My high school English teacher, Mrs. Green, by no means did think I would be worth a darn for anything. Thanks to my grammer and spelling, but, after wanding her knee that had been hurting for about 5 years, possibly on account of swinging a paddle for a lot of years, (yes, paddling was performed back then) thinks I am a Rock Star or a Miracle Worker! Do not tell her it wasn't me or the Wand that carried out it. It was her own Body, getting reminded to heal itself!

I have had several emails not too long ago about Amega Wand Pain Levels. The questions haven't only came from the general public, but from Amega Enterprise Associates too. The information on the Amega sites and YouTube videos refer to Pain Levels as from one to 10 with 10 being the highest or call 911. The numbers between 2 and 9 might be a fairly significant range of questions. People are asking tips on how to identify the numbers in between 1 and 10.
After not discovering any scientific research on these questions http://www.baseballwhitesoxauthen...david-robertson-white-sox-jersey/ , making use of my own formula and asking other readers what their ideas are, I have come to a quite reasonable explanation.
With extra than 40 years with rheumatoid arthritis and extensive treatments and exhausting studies, I have experienced the many pain numbers. Owning to learn to walk again, twice, really going via operations and therapy for weeks on finish, I do consider my self an expert on pain and arthritis, even with out a degree in either subject. Lets just call it "hands on finding out," or maybe even "pain on studying."
Noticeable pain every when inside a while. Nothing to definitely be alarmed about. Just noticeable.
Noticeable pain, reoccurring at instances, uncomfortable.
Noticeable pain, reoccurring, aggravating , pretty uncomfortable.
Ouch, down suitable hurts most in the time.
Hurts enough giving limitations to functioning normal routines.
Hurting constantly, limits functions and mobility. Quite uncomfortable and aggravating.
Pain enough to cause sleep problems. Making a person wake numerous times a night resulting from pain.
Pain enough to cause sleep deprivation, can also cause lack of appetite. Dangerous level.
Appetite can completely go away in some cases. Causing weight loss. Extremely Dangerous level.
Call 911-get the morphine ready!
Rather a handful of injuries can cause all the above feelings. Many diseases can cause every one of the above feelings of pain. Like gaining a door slammed on your hand or fingers, Banging your head on an open cabinet door, and several a lot more injuries that could acquire up thousands of pages naming. Arthritis, fibromyalgia. Shingles, the most common diseases can all cause these feelings I feel that numbers 3 by means of 4 are symptoms that ought to be checked out by a medical practitioner. Numbers from 5 or 6 are gaining towards the point of dangerous and would require a specialist inside the field of the pain problem From 7 on up are incredibly dangerous and will cause a multitude of change in physical and mental conditions. At instances pain can also bring on depression, weight gain, high blood pressure and numerous extra problems.
You might have your own idea's of evaluation of meanings to these above numbers. The AM Wand or Amega Wand has been verified to remove or at least ease the pains of all the above numbers but ought to never be mistaken for becoming "Healed". Just mainly because the pain is removed or e. Forum Index -> Forum Discussion/Ideas
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