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China mahogany furniture

<p>June 2013, the new "Washington Convention" after the formal implementation of the price of timber has been shrouded in the clouds of the entire mahogany market, a long time can not be dispersed. In early 2014, according to previous years, the Spring Festival mahogany furniture prices before the law, corporate rejection of goods repayment,<a href=''>folding beach chairs manufacturers</a> the phenomenon of lower prices this year also ceased to exist, due to the continued shortage of plateau material, the price is still strong.</p>
<p>It is reported that, according to the relevant provisions of mahogany material plate producing countries began to prohibit mahogany logging and control of export volume. Myanmar, one of the major exporters of mahogany wood, plans to stop the export of plateau from April 1, 2014. This is leaving the industry to focus on the price of mahogany. So the experts in the forecast price of mahogany to the entrepreneur in considering how to buy the right price of wood to maintain the survival and development of enterprises; and more investors aimed at the profitable industry to start hoarding timber; consumers Wait and see, the price of mahogany furniture to measure the value of ... ... in this market environment, almost no one talked about mahogany furniture contains traditional Chinese furniture, culture,<a href=''>oversized chaise lounge chair</a> timber prices, so we only when the mahogany doing business, but ignored The cultural value that it contains itself as a carrier. Furniture culture has a long history, it can be said there is the existence of Chinese civilization, furniture, culture, so that people pay more attention to mahogany furniture, culture, rational investment and consumption is our hope.</p>
<p>Who in the mahogany prices by the end of 2013, visited Beijing, Guangdong Zhongshan, Zhejiang Dongyang and other places of the mahogany market, learned that the price of wood not only allow consumers to complain incessantly. It is surprising that the furniture prices, business owners should be happy, but many furniture owners have also said that "life is hard." Beijing Ruixiang Antique Furniture Co., Ltd. General Manager Wu Bihong said, the price of wood soaring business development plan are disrupted, and now we are not only considering how to do a good product, have to consider the issue of highland materials. And as a commitment to the enterprise brand bigger business, we produce the product prices will not be frequently turned several times, there is now a strange phenomenon is that companies are reluctant to sell the finished product, because often the cost of wood are Income does not return. At the same time Wu Bihong also believes that export control timber is only a cause, and plateau material prices fly up the main plateau because those rich speculators in the hoarding material, speculation plateau wood.</p>
<p>Industry insiders, the last two years, mahogany market experienced a round of irrational surge and plunge. Many mahogany manufacturers hoarding, malicious speculation mahogany price, the hands gathered a large number of mahogany wood, but not processing, counting on hoarding mahogany will be able to earn a few barrels of gold. Coincidentally, the Chinese Furniture Association, the traditional furniture, Cao Jinglou,<a href=''>wedding easy portable folding table plastic wholesale</a> senior adviser to the professional committee, said red scarlet is only controlled, not a complete embargo, and many people took the opportunity to hoard wood, artificial disturb the market order.
Culture value is more important than wood species price It is undeniable that wood as a rare species, less and less inevitable, and the demand is great, so the price is certain. But many people in the industry is sad, most people now focus on the price of mahogany furniture, and its own cultural value has turned a blind eye. Nanjing Forestry University Furniture and Industrial Design Dean Wu Zhihui, said in an interview with reporters, mahogany furniture, the cultural value of a little lower than its wood prices.</p> Forum Index -> Other Warcraft 3 game chat
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