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ceramic anti-static flooring

We all know that anti-static flooring, he is mainly in the computer room or other communications room, radio control room, etc. will appear where these anti-static flooring, then Yacht Deck Option how? Xiaobian today to answer this question to you.
How anti-static flooring, antistatic flooring What are the characteristics
The use of anti-static tile as the surface layer, composite all-steel Anticorrosive Outdoor Wall Panel or cement particleboard, surrounded by conductive tape edge processing (no plastic strips of ceramic flooring in the knock out when the porcelain easy). High durability (more than 30 years), high load (uniform load of 1200kg / square meters), waterproof, moisture-proof, good decorative effect, etc.,WPC Materials In Recent Years applicable to the various advantages, suitable for various anti-static performance, environmental protection, fire, high wear- Class room. Drawback is that the floor itself is heavier (a floor 15kg or more), the floor bearing a certain impact; also require professional installation workers to install, otherwise it will not be installed. Forum Index -> Other Warcraft 3 game chat
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