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Buy bamboo flooring a few things to note

1. To prevent mildew of raw insects
Do not try to in a very short period of time can cross the wooden floor, become the boss of the floor mall. To hold the minds of later cut the mall, the division of wood flooring shopping malls, the policy set, to win the first bamboo flooring shopping malls champion, changing the pattern of shopping malls, leading bamboo flooring shopping malls to start.
2. High temperature and pressure of the bonding technology
Bamboo flooring made of high temperature and high pressure bonding. High temperature, high pressure and gluing have stringent technical standards and inspection standards. Some of the mall and the use of self-employed self-employed restrictions or soil machinery restrictions, and glue can not be sure, so prone to cracking open plastic.
3 is not a six-sided leaching paint
As the bamboo flooring is a green natural products, the surface with a capillary, due to the existence of moisture absorption rate caused by deformation, it is necessary to the vicinity and the end of the surface of all paint. Normal bending will not affect the use of quality, equipment, automatic leveling.
4. Surface sense
Good use of bamboo flooring imported high-grade paint leaching, the UV light molding, with anti-static, no dust, high temperature, wear and other functions, so than other heat-drying polyurethane and polyester coating of the floor Surface texture and quality of paint
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