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but the floor

<p>r to promote the entire flooring industry to enhance product quality and promote the development of the industry. 2011 flooring industry is still very optimistic about the momentum of development.In 2011, the two most popular keywords Jingxian: microblogging and buy, both detonated the entire domestic Internet. Microblogging, leading more people to pay attention to the Internet, to share life bit by bit; buy, it is to allow more people to access the benefits of the Internet and enjoy life every second. The daily thousands of regiment war, by many consumers blitz, but the floor of the enterprise e-commerce test the water is tepid. Faced with such a situation, the Chinese floor is the same as with other commodities, buy the wind and water? Many factors, the birth of the floor business transformation: rising raw material prices, logistics and transportation costs, labor costs and other rising prices in many factors , The floor has entered t</p>
<p>he era of high-cost enterprises. Although the price increase can ease the impact of these factors, but this is not a sure thing, to promote the transformation of traditional channels, set up floor mall, into the field of e-commerce, flooring business has become a new way out. Survey shows that with the rapid development of the Internet, consumer attitudes and ways of consumption is undergoing tremendous changes, online shopping has become another way for them to shop. Online shopping is convenient, low-cost, time-saving and other characteristics have become a great reason for consumers to buy online, but for the floor and other household products, it seems not ushered in the network buy the spring. Installation and after-sales and other iss</p>

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