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business floor of the project

<p>dustry 14 National, industry standards. In the minds of consumers establish an authoritative image, through word of mouth spread among the future in the market will also have a broader customer base.At present, some enterprises have been listed, and some enterprises are doing preparatory work before listing; many enterprises from the previous single product multi-brand vertical development to today's multi-product horizontal expansion, doors, closet doors, cabinets, tiles, etc. wood Products and non-wood products category have become our business floor of the project. This year the real estate policy adjustment, foreign double anti-lawsuit for the flooring market in a very long period of time are in silence, even in just over the gold nine silver ten period, although the promotion is still c</p>
<p>razy, the terminal market is still relatively deserted, Has become a lot of enterprises and distributors this year, grab the last time the market share, industry analysts, the New Year's Day to participate in promotional efforts of enterprises will be greater than in previous years, comparable to Golden Week. But in the product, function, market, service highly homogeneous background, the enterprise competition in addition to price or price. The upcoming 2012, the industry generally said that the floor and the whole building materials industry will usher in a new quarter of silence, how will enterprises face it. New marketing strategy Enterprises need to adjust the product structure and development direction For the current trough, a floor professionals that: to get out of the current difficulties, we mu</p>
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