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BAUER mobilises rigs for UK’s A19/A1058 coast road piling wo

<P>A recently renovated 16km section of I-90, starting in Alberton, Montana, which is located on the Western part of the state near the Idaho border, and stretching East, received sterling commendations,Heat Lance factory sales beat target IRI scores, and earned the general contractor quality bonuses. The project also won the 2014 MCA Excellence Award for Best Paving Smoothness from the Montana Contractors Association.</P>
<P>Knife River Corporation was the general contractor on the $15.5 million I-90 renovation. The I-90 project commenced on June 10th with Knife River’s subcontractor,tar distributor for sale Industrial Builders, performing the shoulder-to-shoulder milling of the road to 90mm, with the milled material converted to Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP). The drive lane and passing lane were milled out an additional 90mm for a total of 180mm.</P>
<P>As Industrial Builders began completing the 64km of milling, Knife River could begin paving. The bonus incentives offered by MDT were based on achieving paved finished surfaces with favourable International Roughness Index (IRI) scores. The 45 – 55 IRI rating was considered acceptable, with no bonus and no penalty. Achieving the 35 – 44 IRI rating would have earned up to a 24% bonus, based on a sliding scale. Meanwhile a rating below 35 IRI would have earned a 25% bonus.The contractor knew that to achieve a low IRI index throughout the job,Durable Road Marking Machine continuous paving was needed with thoroughly mixed HMA at the right temperature. A key factor for this was the use of a material transfer vehicle to feed the paver.</P> Forum Index -> Questions about ITT mechanics
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