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bamboo flooring has been

<p>more personalized options. Liu Shuo really said that by the Chinese creative design and production in China to meet the psychological needs of consumers in the United States personalized product is the best weapon against double reverse. He suggested that in the active anti-defensive fight for better results at the same time, the Chinese flooring companies should increase investment in R D design to produce more competitive products, the occupation of high-end industrial chain.In recent years, bamboo flooring has been the main foreign market, export volume increased year by year, but the domestic market share of less than 10% of the Chinese bamboo Anji, for example, the county accounted for bamboo flooring exports more than 25% Bamboo flooring exports a</p>
<p>ccounted for almost half of the bamboo industry, but the country, we found that bamboo flooring can be seen in the domestic market gap can be seen that the bamboo flooring exports accounted for more than 50% of bamboo exports, . Compared with the solid wood flooring is more environmentally friendly than the tile flooring is more environmentally friendly, more stable, affordable and practical in one of the bamboo flooring, in the domestic market has been not yet Push the clouds, the walls of the fragrant state of flowering wall so that the development of domestic bamboo flooring in embarrassing not before the state is not before. However, in recent years with the expansion of foreign trade barriers and increased domestic export enterprises are gradually falling into the quagmire of mal</p>
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