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bamboo flooring business is difficult

<p>boo with a high national sentiment, but because of its endless, can be seen everywhere in China has never been able to become the hearts of people of precious things. The prevailing view of bamboo in China is that bamboo itself is cheap, and if it is suddenly propagated to them how expensive it is, it will be unacceptable. Therefore, when consumers buy the grade of bamboo is not enough to feel spontaneous, unlike wood, itself has a high quality and high sense of value, and there are still scarcity of species. The bamboo is cheap, and then growing faster and more, has never been scarce, so it is almost compared to the grade of wood. Charcoal and diamonds, the same carbon, but arranged in different ways, with the value is not the same. For bamboo, it itself has a lot of good features, toughness, high hardness, there must be room to enhance the value. Heavy bamboo flooring and ordinary bamboo flooring there is a big difference, so the value of heavy bamboo flooring on the high, so the concept of bamboo flooring can also marketing. Kang Maisen in the weight of bamboo flooring, when a substan</p>
<p>tial innovation, from the bamboo raw material sources and processing proposed bamboo spring concept. Bamboo spring is to extract 100% bamboo bar to do the raw materials, which is very good to enhance the value and precious bamboo, a good solution to the problem of bamboo grades. At the same time Kangmai Sen heavy bamboo floor bamboo culture after the late upgrade, thereby enhancing the cultural connotation of bamboo flooring, the basic solution to this problem, which is a good example. Third, the applicability of the product, the scope of application is limited China's bamboo flooring in the 1980s, because of technology, equipment and other factors, industry technology is not mature enough, so there are some rigid bamboo flooring problems. Early bamboo flooring is easy to deformation, and the use of shorter life, easy to health insects, not suitable for use in the heating room, resulting in bamboo flooring embarrassing consumption situation. Bamboo flooring into the market at the beginning, mainly in the South, the North market is simply not sell. Because the bamboo flooring needs</p>
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