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Asphalt distributor job security measures

<p>⑴Mechanical inspection, dispensing device and protection, fire safety equipment is complete and effective</p>
<p>⑵When using fixed torch after heating to bitumen tank fire tube, it should open the chimney on the asphalt tank,<a href="">Emergency road maintenance vehicles</a> fire tube and submerged in liquid asphalt before igniting blowtorch. Heating torch flame spread is too large or diffusion should be immediately shut down the burner, the fuel to be burned excess before use. Blowtorch before use, should be closed and the suction pipe inlet, not near a portable blowtorch ignited flammable;</p>
<p>⑶Loaded with asphalt spreaders should moderate speed. In case of corners, downhill should slow down in advance, try to avoid the emergency brake. Do not use while driving heating system;<a href="">professional crack seal material supplier</a></p>
<p>⑷Driver and machine operators should cooperate closely, the operator should pay attention to their own safety. Spraying asphalt direction when the job can not be someone to stay within 10m.<a href="">Pavement markings and crack sealing</a></p> Forum Index -> Other Warcraft 3 game chat
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