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Application of Asphalt Fiber Sealing Technology in Preventiv

<P>Application of Asphalt Fiber Sealing Technology</P>
<P>The fiber seal is not only applied to the construction of the underlayer of the new road surface, but also the original asphalt pavement can be treated. Asphalt pavement of the conventional diseases are cracks, ramie loose, pits, subsidence and frost,<a href="">professional concrete driveway filler supplier</a> should be based on a variety of diseases, the type of pavement structure and maintenance of the climate characteristics of the season, for different diseases to take different treatment the way.</P>
<p>Road surface sinking, frosting is mainly due to the destruction of the basic structure, roadbed subsidence, uneven surface subsidence caused by cracks and sinking, for such pavement should be slotted after filling the corresponding mixture, and then do fiber sealing .</p>
<P>As the pavement temperature shrinkage, shrinkage caused by vertical and horizontal cracks, slit width of 6 mm or less, it is appropriate to crack the gap with an iron brush brush clean, and with the compressed air to blow dust, the use of special sealing material sealing Blocking, and finally do fiber sealing.</P>
<p>Requirements for the use of fiber coatings</p>
<P>Requirements for road conditions and structure</P>
<p>On the implementation of the fiber sealing section, requires the grass-roots and surface layer has a certain strength, flatness is better, the road surface damage rate is low. For the dilapidated,<a href="">Conservation of energy saving car repair car supplier</a> extended service, traffic, road disease serious need for overhaul of the section, not suitable for fiber sealing layer maintenance; for overhaul road between the base and surface layer, the roadbed strength of the old asphalt pavement and good Between the layers used as a stress absorption intermediate layer to absorb and disperse the stress, to prevent the roadbed cracks or old road surface cracks reflected to the upper layer; apply to the base strength is good, there is a slight turtle crack phenomenon in the need to modify The old pavement used as wear layer, can prevent and inhibit the cracks continue to expand, and play the role of the road waterproof skid.</p>
<p>On the geographical conditions and climatic conditions</p>
<p>From abroad for the fiber sealing technology is widely used, it can be said fiber sealing technology applied to various countries and regions, but the climate conditions are very strict. Construction is not permitted when the temperature reaches 10 C and continues to decrease; however, construction is permitted when the temperature reaches 7 C and continues to rise. Try to avoid rain construction work.</p>
<p>Construction equipment and materials</p>
<p>The equipment required for fiber sealing construction includes fiber sealing equipment, equipment for fiber sealing construction, asphalt tanker with over 30 t asphalt insulation,<a href="">low cost trowel machine blades supplier</a> asphalt tanker with more than 10 m3, 50 ton loader and rubber tire roller, and Road cleaning tools and other small equipment.
Construction of raw materials for the modified emulsified asphalt, glass fiber and gravel and so on.</p> Forum Index -> Other Warcraft 3 game chat
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