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Anxin flooring has been relying

<p> Assurance, China Youth Daily, Beijing Evening News, China Trade Insurance, the Yangtze Evening News, China Building Materials News, China Business News, Xinhua News Agency, Beijing Youth Daily and so on. First of all, please Mr. Gao Zhihua, Mr. Xu Youfang, Mr. Wu Bo, Mr. Zhang Zijian please you first for the opening ceremony of our opening ceremony, we first invited us to open the first guests. The opening ceremony. Have invited us to board chairman and general manager Zhu Guoliang accept the brand, by our floor Association pioneer Mr. Gao Zhihua award. This is our country in the solid wood floor heating made the first piece of brand, we applauded. I now give the floor to Mr. Gao Zhihua. [Gao Zhihua]: Distinguished Minister Xu Youfang, Distinguished Director Wu Bo, as well as our sponsor Mr. Zhu Guoliang, distinguished guests, distinguished guests, media, on behalf of our trade association, warmly welcome guests and media. Of welcome. Autumn, it is the harvest season, today we gathered in the temperature are Shuicheng, to warmly congratulate Boer floor won the </p>
<p>Chinese solid wood flooring ace title. This time the floor is not easy to get this title, after eight years of their efforts, and finally broke through all kinds of technical difficulties in the solid wood floor warm to make outstanding achievements. Here I represent our industry associations on their brand once again expressed warm congratulations. Good to warm above the floor, need to have four requirements: the first requirement, thermal conductivity; the second requirement, environmental protection; third requirements, the calculation of stability; fourth requirements, durability. We all know that the wood floor is not two lacquer, sitting on the ground floor to ensure good thermal conductivity, to ensure environmental protection is good, to ensure the stability of the calculation had to ensure a high-tech content. We know that in foreign countries to do a lot of solid wood flooring heating experiments, we also have a lot of the actual number </p>
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