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all-steel anti-static flooring

The products are made of high quality cast aluminum profiles, which are made of high wear-resisting PVC or HPL veneer and pasted by conductive adhesive. The substrate is permanently rust-free and can be used for many times, which effectively solves the problems of composite flooring And all-steel floor of the product defects, and tailor-made high-grade anti-static floor, but its cost is too high.
steel anti-static flooring
Features: All steel components, on the board for the hard steel plate, the next plate for the deep tensile steel plate. Bearing capacity, anti-out of strong, good interchangeability, pavement beautiful; waterproof, fire prevention, anti-static, affordable. Anti-static life of three to five years.
Scope: Widely used in a variety of room, communication room, data transmission center and office buildings.
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