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2015, the furniture will be changing the situation!

<p>Recently I visited a number of large-scale plate furniture production enterprises in Guangdong, learned: the face of the market share of flat furniture declining negative situation, they are trying their best to accumulate strength, and ready next year's major professional furniture exhibition A new look, a strong counterattack, for lost market share.</p>
<P>The panel furniture companies to take the main marketing strategy is:
- Introduced the new concept of panel furniture. Despite the decline in the traditional plate furniture market share,<a href=''>where can i buy beach chairs</a> and in the process of continuous decline, custom furniture market share is in the rapid rise. This strange market, the effect of the so-called panel furniture manufacturers are very puzzled: the same use of sheet metal used in finished furniture on the poor sales, but used in custom furniture, but the market reacted enthusiastically. It seems that consumers are not opposed to the use of sheet metal, but because of the plate furniture marketing model problems before the plate furniture factory production, what dealers sell, consumer choice is not, the degree of personalization is not high, Customized furniture can be tailored to meet the needs of consumers, will greatly improve the product's adaptability, improve single-store output. In view of this, the plate furniture companies think of the whole house customization of the new concept to meet market demand, changing sales decline.</P>
<p>Traditional custom enterprises mainly custom closet, kitchen utensils and so on, plate furniture enterprises for their own production advantages, the introduction of the whole house furniture full customization of new ideas, is based on consumer demand, custom cloakroom,<a href=''>outdoor furniture rattan wicker outdoor chair</a> children room, bedroom furniture, shoe, Furniture, kitchen utensils, and so all the family can use the furniture. Most of the traditional use of custom furniture, melamine board, plate furniture companies ready to use bright paint technology to form a differentiated competition, but also make full use of their production advantages.</p>
<p>- rely on designers to sell furniture. The future of custom furniture sales store to be equipped with designers to help consumers choose custom solutions. Designer for the design of consumer space to provide professional advice, to provide a number of options options, will become the next plate furniture sales a major bright spot. To provide consumers with the intimate, professional services, or to arouse consumers on the board of furniture re-favor.</p>
<p>- Furniture sales with virtual display, digital modeling, scenario-based reproduction. In order to tie in with the designer to sell furniture, sales terminal stores will be equipped with the corresponding digital display tools, so that consumers see the furniture placed in their own home after the effect. Consumers provide home space size, the sales staff can be virtual furniture products into the virtual home space, so that consumers in advance to see the purchase of furniture after the home space map,<a href=''>happy camper folding table</a> if you are not satisfied, you can always make amendments , Immediately modified. So that consumers themselves to participate in the future home space landscaping, design, so that consumers get a home building a new sense of accomplishment of space.</p>
<p>- Recycling production processes. Custom furniture are non-standardized operations, the original standardization of production processes must be large-scale transformation, the construction of kneading production line to meet the small batch, multi-species production needs. This transformation of the production process for the traditional plate furniture business is a huge challenge. In order to survive, plate furniture manufacturers have recognized that such a transformation is inevitable. In order to win this recovery plate furniture lost ground battle, the enterprise can be described as the capital. Not only need to change the huge production line hardware, production line staff of the production process, but also to reborn reborn.</p> Forum Index -> Other Warcraft 3 game chat
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