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2011 is the floor

<p> deformation, both for the normal temperature of the home surface decoration, but also as a floor heating floor, and moderate price, it is popular in major cities, and three Solid wood flooring due to higher prices, only by some consumers. 1. Enterprise from a single category of wood flooring to the production and sale of multi-category wood flooring such as nature, living home, Fillinger, Kenya, Shengda, integration, Xu, oasis, macro star, parrot , Tianfu, Wealthy, the world's first-and second-tier brands such as solid wood flooring from the simple or simply strengthen the production and sale of wood flooring gradually expanded to solid wood composite, laminate flooring and even bamboo flooring, cork and other flooring products have. 2. Enterprises from the floor products involved in home all-round wood products In 2011 the market is affected by the real estate regulation and control policy, the home market since 2010 silence, but housing rigid demand always exists</p>
<p>, and is still large, especially the recent large cities Of the affordable housing project has been fully opened, therefore, in a serious excess capacity, the market situation of supply exceeding demand, wood flooring companies must strictly control the quality, high cost, high quality products to fight for the main market products Quot; Consumers are now in the purchase of household products has entered the rational consumption, therefore, in the brand operation manipulation, avoid impetuous, should be down to earth, over-reliance on film and television stars for image spokesperson and concept manipulation will be counterproductive. The sale, the after-sales service should be gradually strengthened, to enter the connotation of the brand. Enterprises not only produce this kind of floor products, b</p>
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