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  Face the problems of the industry

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qweqwe123 Post subject: Face the problems of the industry    PostPosted: Jul 17, 2017  
Disco Duck
Disco Duck

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<P>"The industry situation is not optimistic, the overall level of development of the industry to be improved, the industry is the same level of competition problems, lack of product design ... ..." Dongyang City Vice Mayor Chen Jun face industry problems. He admitted that the current wood carving mahogany furniture industry, the above-scale enterprises to create the output value accounted for about half of the rest of the majority of enterprises are still in the extensive state of operation. Family workshop-based enterprises,Importador de sillas de camping acolchado the production site simple, do not meet the safety, environmental protection, fire and other requirements. Small size, distribution of scattered, poor technology is the number of small workshops of the prominent features, both economic and social benefits are very low.</P>
<P>As we all know, there is a number of Dongyang mahogany city The lack of appropriate market differentiation, but let a lot of consumers more tangled. Indeed, wood carving mahogany furniture industry is currently in a cluster of no embarrassment of the embarrassing situation. In addition to China's wood carvings, the rest of the market's main products are mahogany furniture, in addition to a slight difference in the price stalls, the business settled in the business, but also in the business of the industry, The size of the layout,Comprar pvc uso de heces para el parque sales strategy, product appearance are similar.</P>
<P>In addition, the lack of new product design, quality and price uneven, chaos to build a mahogany furniture workshop and many other issues will be included in the scope of the remediation. Huang Min also pointed out that the current Dongyang City wood carving mahogany furniture industry in the development of some problems: some enterprises do not sell products, and some business products are in short supply; enterprises do not much, bigger and bigger, brand, quality, integrity awareness Strong sense of design and development concept, the combination of traditional and fashion is poor, intellectual property protection awareness is weak,Imágenes de la familia ideas de la decoración the performance of thousands of enterprises side; the market is not dislocation development, disorderly competition, a single layout; crackdown small, standardized production, effective supply is not enough Reflect the real and so on.</P>
<P>These problems are to some extent affected the Dongyang City wood carving mahogany furniture industry credibility. Reputation is the product of life, but also the lives of enterprises, enterprises should be the same as the credibility of life to maintain, maintain the brand,Silla de campamento de lujo al aire libre control the quality, so that customers buy Dongyang mahogany furniture assured. The city in the city to carry out mahogany furniture industry, "Hundred Days remediation" action, is to standardize the production behavior of enterprises to guide enterprises according to the standard requirements of production, mahogany furniture market inspection and testing behavior to guide and regulate, to create a fair and impartial inspection surroundings.</P>

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