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  FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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PL0X_J33BUS Post subject: FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)    PostPosted: Aug 25, 2008  

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This is basically because the same topics get answered a million times.  This is *ideally* to prevent multiple threads from existing.  More will be added as time goes on, probably.
Out of date due to recent versions. ~PL0X
Q: Is the baby mammoth tamable?
A: No, it was added as a slightly cruel joke.

Q: What is the "super sub" and how do I get it?
A: The super sub is basically a relatively unreliable and difficult special sub for you to attain.  It essentially combines both of the possible subclasses into one, gaining some or all aspects of each of the subclasses.  More details are about it HERE.
Also, in order to get it, you must be level 8 or more, and have not picked a subclass.  You must then use the corresponding medal of courage (in order to find which one it is, drop it on the ground and select it).  To get a medal, you must kill alligator men (drop 0-2 medals), the one (drop 0-1 medals), the mammoth (has highest drop rate), or disco duck (drops 2 medals until all have been dropped).
There can only be one superclass in a game.  Meaning if you have killed the mammoth and disco duck and never obtained a "scout" medallion of courage, it means someone else probably already obtained it.

Q: What is this "disco duck?"
A: The disco duck is a powerful hostile that spawns at the place that the mammoth would appear.  He exists only after the mammoth has been killed, and only if magic has been used (and successfully summons.)  When using magic, you have a 20% chance to spawn disco duck, and if successful, you (and everyone else) will hear a horn sound play.  Also keep in mind that Magic does have negative effects, and can kill you, so make sure it is what you want to do.

Q: What is Magic?
A: Magic is an item added relatively recently that does a variety of things.  Some helpful, some hurtful.  Its effects are:
20% spawn disco duck (if mammoth is dead, otherwise nothing)
10% turns to night
10% instantly kills you
10% casts meteor at you, which hurts buildings, trees, trolls, and animals in a large area.
10% spawn 2 mana crystal
10% heal to full health
Then the remaining 30% is put health and mana at like 6%, 30%, and 60% -ish

Q: How do I play single player?
A: Single player is played by using -test mode (on Battle.Net or single player, so long as you don't have a human player on team 2 or 3) or in single player (off Battle.Net) you can use the cheat itvexesme


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