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  Even after four years of Dalian furniture "bright"

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qweqwe123 Post subject: Even after four years of Dalian furniture "bright"    PostPosted: Jul 17, 2017  
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<P>Summer was originally a mahogany market off-season, but Zhejiang Dongyang Garden large timber market is not "plain", some mahogany prices do not fall, many mahogany businessmen began to buy a large number of hoarding raw materials. Into June, the mahogany market into the off-season,small outdoor table designs the past few days mahogany raw but surprisingly good to sell, and the price rose a few hundred dollars per ton than before.</P>
<P>"In the evening, there are people to close the wood, and are direct cash transfer." Redwood businessman Wu Hai-lian said that in recent days, the garden of large timber market to a few merchants, including a few she knew, is the old garden market acquaintance. Unlike the previous buyers, most of the recent buyers are not Dongyang mahogany furniture business owners, but the same and Wuhai Lian mahogany businessmen,antique mahogany chair for sale they do mahogany raw business in the garden for many years, and each sale is also generous, which An Anhui mahogany businessman has been eating raw materials for several days in a row.</P>
<P>"Now the market is really trading of wood is not much, are basically bought by the buyers." Dongyang Garden Timber Market General Manager said that the Anhui mahogany businessmen in the garden has saved nearly 400 counters of mahogany raw materials, Most of which is African pear, there are a small amount of Burmese pear. 400 cabinet is 200 car containers, a car 480 tons, according to the current African pearls 5200 yuan per ton price, the original market price of these wood nearly 500 million. So large-scale hoarding raw materials, in the garden market is rare, what is the reason?</P

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