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  Clan Structure and Break Down

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c0rr0sive Post subject: Clan Structure and Break Down    PostPosted: Jan 28, 2010  

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Below are the commands you can use while in chat, you must type them correctly or you could receive an error, or nothing at all.

How to use the commands:
To use a command such as .bmail “username” “message” it needs to be in that format, here is a sample message.
.bmail January Hey, this is c0rr writing a useless message.
There needs to be a space between the bmail, and username, and the username and the message.  Never include the “ “ or <> if they are in that command, they are just used to show where usernames and the such are to be placed.

List of the following Groups:
HostAdmin – Not yet used.

Section One: In Chat Commands, and Access levels.
Section Two: Groups Explained
Section Three: In Game Commands when using hostbot
Section Four: Clan Rules

SECTION ONEAccess Needed for Below Commands: None
Other Reqs: Just type the command while in the channel…

• .about – States the current version of the moderation bot

• .help “command name” – Provides information on the command name, and how to use it.

• !inbox – Use this anything the bot states that you have mail; it then delivers your messages.

• .owner – States the owner and operator of the moderation bot.

• ?trigger – States the current trigger of the bot.

• .whoami – States the groups, flags, and access you have to the bot.

• .whois “username” – States the groups, flags, and access the designated user has to the moderation bot.

• .games – States any and all available auto-hosted games being hosted by official Clan TwGB host bots.

• .bmail “username” “message” – Sends the username a message once they join the clan channel.

Access Needed for Below Commands: 20
Other Reqs: Clan Membership, Leader Group, Chief Group, Shaman Group, or Trusted Group.

• .bancount – States the number of people currently banned.

• .findgrp “group name” – Lists all members of the specified group in the database.

• .motd – Displays the Clan Message of the Day.

• .pingme – States the latency of the person issuing the command.

• .time – States the current time of the local computer the bot is hosted on, this is the EST time zone.

Access Required for Commands Below: 50+
Other Reqs: Leader Group, Chief Group, Shaman Group, or the Trusted Group.

• .add “username” “number below 21” – Add a user to the database, with 20 access or lower.

• .ban “username” – Removes a user from the channel for the duration of the bots role as a channel moderator.

• .cancel – Stops all votes.

• .cq – Clears the chat queue line.

• .detail “username” – Displays database information on user access and group flagging.

• .kick “username” – Temporarily removes designated user from channel.

• .ping “username” – States the usernames latency to

• .safeadd “username” – Adds the user to the safelist so that the bot can not ban them.

• .safedel “username” – Removes user from safelist.

Access Required for Commands Below: 70+
Other Reqs: Leader Group, Chief Group, Shaman Group

• .banned – Bot will state all users that it has banned and are still banned.

• .demote “username” – Demotes the username from grunt to peon, or from shaman to grunt.

• .promote “username” – Promotes the username from peon to grunt, or from grunt to shaman.

• .invite “username” – Sends the username a clan invitation so they may join.

• .safelist – States all listed users on the safelist database.

• .shitadd “username” – Adds username to a shitlist of people that are banned from the channel.

• .shitdel “username” – Removes username from the shitlist.

• .shitcheck “username” – Bot checks to see if the user is listed on the shitlist.

• .shitlist – States all users on the shitlist.

• .mosttoday – Lists the number of unique users to join the channel since midnight, resets at midnight, every night.

• .mostever – Lists the highest number of visitors in the channel at one time in the bots history.

• .activity “username” – States all the stats of a specified users channel statistics, percent AFK, active or inactive, there favorite command, and so on.

• .lastseen “username” – States the last time the person was seen by the bot, how long they spent in the channel, and the time they left the channel.

Access Needed for Commands Below: 100+
Other Reqs: Leader Group, Chieftain Group
Note: Not all shamans are permitted to use these commands as they can be incredibly dangerous.

• .away  “message” – Sets the bots away message.

• .exile “username”- Adds the username to the shitlist, the bot then bans them, and squelches them, forever, this can NOT be undone.

• .giveup “username” – The bot designates the username and rejoins the channel giving that person moderation capabilities.

• .rem “username” – Removes the username from the database entirely.

Section Two: Groups Explained

There are several types of groups now with our new software and moderation bots.
The groups are in order, most powerfull, to least powerfull in that order, and there are different styles, yes, it can get confusing, but, it is helpfull to some people to know where the leaders of the clan stand.

TvGB Leaders (Not used yet) (Same as Shamans)
(Clan Tag) TwGB
(Clan Tag) TvGB (Not used yet)

• Chieftain: This doesn't changed often, and when it does, it is between only one of three people, January, Turpin, and C0RR0SIVE.
Members of this group get: Access = 200, Safelisted, Master, and All Access flags

• Leaders: This group isn't anything particularly special, and no normal clan member can obtain this group, it takes pure loyalty to the clan, at all times.  Currently only Turpin, January, C0RR0SIVE, and Da_Troll are members of this group
Members of this group get: Access = 100, Safelisted, Master, and All Access flags.

• Shamans: Self Explanatory, just a tag in the database.
Members of this group get: Access = 70, Safelisted

• Trusted: This is a group that most would be capable of getting into, it doesn't have high access, or anything of that sort, but it is given to anyone that a clan leader sees fit, and that c0rr0sive approves of, these are people, that anyone in the clan can trust, with just about anything.
Members of this group get: Access = 50, Safelisted

• HostAdmin: Not Used - This group is just a tag that anyone that is an admin on the hostbot gets, that way people can get the list of people that are admins easily.
Members of this group get: Access = 20, Safelisted

• Clan Tag TwGB: This is a tag that ALL TwGB members get.
Members of this group get: Access = 20, Safelisted
NOTE: This is given upon joining Clan TwGB, and is the default status of all members.

• Banned: Anger one of the leaders/shamans/trusted members, and you may be banned, if  you want it lifted, talk to c0rr0sive.
Members of this group get: Banned from channel upon joining it.

• EXILED: This is a perma ban, no one can ever be removed from this group, upon joining the channel, the person is banned, squelched, and ipbanned.  People in this group get a flag that locks the status of there account and can NOT be changed, by anyone, even me.
Members of this group get: Exiled, Banned, Squelched, IPBanned, and, Locked. They are also banned from the autohosted and hostbot games that we run.

NOTE: Safelisted only protects you from being kicked or banned by the bot it self, a leader or shaman can still ban manually at any time for any reason.

Section Three: In Game Commands

If you are joining many of our games, usually marked with TwGB and the host is TwGB[Host] as long as your one of my Autohost Admins, you can issue commands, and tell the bot what to do in the game lobby, and while in game.  The trigger for this bot is a ! at ALL times in game, and is not as complex as the channel bot.  But ONLY people listed as HostAdmin in the clan channel are able to use these commands unless noted.
To see if someone is a HostAdmin type .whois <username> in the clan channel, or you can type .findgrp hostadmin to see a list of ALL the host admins.  Be sure to include the period in those two commands.
The Commands are as follows.

• !checkban <name> - Checks the database to see if that user is banned from the game.

• !priv <name> -  Allows you to create a private Island Troll Tribes game if the map is in the database, the name is what ever you make it.

• !pub <name> - Allows you to create a public game that others can join, the name used is the name of the game.

• !addban or !ban <name>  -  Bans the specified user from all hosted games, they may still join the channel though.

• !abort – Aborts the game countdown temporarily.

• !mute <name> - Mutes the player specified, that way they can not talk in lobby or in game.

• !ping – Checks the latency of all players in the game, they should be reasonable.
• !sp – Shuffles the players so teams are not imbalanced.

• !unhost – Ends the current game that is in the lobby and the bot starts another game. (Use this if the bot seems stuck, just wisper it to the bot.)

• !unmute <name> - Unmutes a muted player.

• !votekick <name> - Allows players of a game to vote on kicking a player from game, atleast 80% of the people must agree on the vote…

• !yes – Adds your vote to the bot during a votekick, there is no !no command.

• !banlast – Bans the last player to leave the game or drop.  This should only be used when a player leaves during the noobtime.

• !end – Forces the current game you are in to end prematurely
• !drop – Drops all laggers on the “lag screen”

• !stats <name> - Checks the stats of someone, stats are only available if they have joined the bot.  If no name is listed, you are told your stats, ANYONE can use this command.

Section Four: Clan Rules

In Trolls with Guns N' Balls, we don't have very MANY rules, each Shaman, or Leader has there own little set of rules, but ALL abide by these rules at all times, otherwise, there membership can be revoked.

1: NEVER type in all caps, it gets annoying, the bot auto kicks non members for this.
2: Don't be a jerk to other clan members.
3: Don't use commands non stop, in other words, if you use .games, or see someone else type .games or another command, wait a second or two, the bot is incredibly busy, and doesn't need to be booted by bnet for flooding trying to fulfill your requests, abuse results in removal of clan membership.
4: Don't EVER flood the channel with non-sense.
5: Don't attempt to get around temp bans, otherwise they result in perma bans from both the clan, and clan hosted events.
6: All members are to RESPECT the command structure, don't complain about ranks of anything, grunts and peons in the tab are not used in our structure, that is a feature used by a few ladder clans.
7: Never give another member access above 20, I can see who gives who access and so on, abuse results in removal from bot, and a flag marking the bot to ignore you, forever.
8: Other clan rules will still apply:

Yes, it is self explanatory, just use common sense, and don't be a douche towards others, TwGB is meant to be a relaxing and enjoyable channel, but there are some people that seem a bit more...  Assholish than most people, just ignore them, and get along.


Hostbot Status: Online
TwGB Website/Forums:
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